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The technological revolution is creating a new profile offender. Delicuenciales Gangs and groups around the world are making virtual social networking sites to threaten, incite violence, organize their crimes and even investigate potential new members. Its efficient organization through Facebook and Twitter has led to an area without barriers of time and distance, which speak of their attacks and even show videos of his exploits, such as Youtube.

A study by the University of Michigan (UM) School of Social Work, conducted in late 2012, says many gang members refer to a particular language wings selling weapons on the streets and use terms such as "Bride", " Biscuit "," Thing "and some colors. On the subject of the murders, the study coordinated by Professor Desmond U. Patton, indicating that the bands use codes like "A bed early", while the word "Rock" means giving them a shot at the victims head. This phenomenon was named as Internet banging. From the city of Lima, journalist Esther Vargas, head of social media in the Peruvian news agency Andina and director of the virtual school journalism classes, told The Gazette that gang groups "and are using the networks organized social. This is dangerous, since social networks are free and difficult to control in the primaria bilingue. "

He said crime groups "can use objectionable language or use Facebook or Twitter keys go unnoticed", so it is essential that users of these technologies to protect their personal data. "There are many security measures. Among the most important if not the direction, do not give your location, do not put personal photos or show signs of your financial activities ". In turn, the instructor at the Knight Center and the Foundation of New Latin American Journalism (FNPI) said that "social networks can be used to that and more, especially for positive things, like social activism". An example is the Internet leading role in the crisis in Egypt under the leadership of then President Hosni Mubarak in the

By representing virtual communities in which people can relate and communicate, social networks are not safe use inappropriate that can give users, but in turn are clues to the cyber police. "The internet is our crime scene XXI century, but there is no crime that leaves no trace, electronic here, "noted Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, after stop 63 New York gang members charged with murder, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, robbery, extortion and other crimes, including dozens of shootings. To achieve such catch key informants were people assiduous social networks in the primaria bilingue